Toryvel Group Inc.,
formerly Placements Bélanger and Pouliot Inc., is an investment firm that operates in a number of practice areas and manages the investments of its two shareholders and holding companies, Richard Bélanger (Le Groupe Bélanger Inc.) and Yvan Pouliot (Le Groupe Pouliot Inc.).

The practice areas in question are mostly related to natural resources and include: exploitation of woodlands, logging and related activities (including the transport of the fibre), production and marketing of maple syrup, and private and stock market investments.

The mission of these groups and their shareholders is to engage in the transformation of products while always meeting the highest quality standards and offering the best service possible day after day.

In May 2003, the Toryvel Group sold Daaquam Lumber Inc. and Produits Forestiers Anticosti Inc. to Canfor Corporation.